TNT DigitalWorks

TNT DigitalWorks

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First Name * TNT
Last Name * DigitalWorks
Username * TNTDigitalWorks
Country * China
City Shenzhen
Languages ChineseEnglish





At TNT we produce professional 2D, 3D and flash animation for feature films, commercials and videogames as well as being devoted to creating original content in the form of story ideas and character designs. We are experienced at project management and effectively using traditional and digital techniques to tell great stories through animation.

With over 5000 years of great Chinese culture to draw from creatively, TNT will take advantage of the latest productions tools and techniques as well as leverage a large domestic talent pool to successfully establish well-known brands of our own, use our talents to help clients all over the world create their own brands and to create a sustainable model for business and creative growth in the animation industry.

Please visit our website for more of us and the projects we have done. Thanks!

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